Bethlehem Presbyterian Church social-distancing guidelines

Guidelines for the safety of all:  

(Greeter will be stationed at entry to facilitate use of guidelines) 

  • Disinfect hands with hand cleaner upon entry.  
  • Wear face masks as we move around. Face masks may be removed while seated.  
  • Family groups please sit two pews (6 feet) apart. Pews are marked to assist in seating. 
  • Passing of the peace: We remain in our seats to pass the peace. 
  • Offering: Offering-takers will keep the offering plates in hand to receive the offerings. 
  • Communion: We will use prefilled elements for the foreseeable future. Elders will hold trays and allow people to take one out.  
  • Restrooms: Doors to women’s restroom will remain propped open. Men, please use paper towel to open restroom door as you leave. 
  • Main entrance doors will remain propped open. 
  • Coffee hour: No coffee hour until further notice.